I inspire and empower you to develope a relaxed and healthy relationship with food.


Food: nourishing body and mind


Hello, I'm Martina, working mom, Nutritionist and Mindful Eating coach.

After fourteen years of experience as a Senior Nutritionist at a global food company, I started my own business as a coach with a clear vision:


I support people to achieve their goals around their nutrition.

So that they can find and maintain their feel-good weight and develop a more relaxed relationship with food.


Nutrition, body and mind have always been topics that inspire me. As a result, I developed a holistic view of health and nutrition at an early age. Through personal and professional experiences, I have further developed this perspective and elaborated it into my Mindful Eating Coaching Program.


I completed my studies in nutritional sciences at the University of Hohenheim. Afterwards I worked in international product development in the field of food and baby food. Through this experience, I built up a high level of competence around food and nutrition.


In addition, I studied nutritional psychology, which gave me a profound knowledge of our eating behavior. Due to a private incisive event, I dealt intensively with my emotions and habits and integrated more mindfulness into my everyday life. Through this I learned to better feel what is good for me and how behavior can be changed effectively and permanently.


Yoga has also been a part of my everyday life for a very long time and helps me to improve my body awareness again and again. Valuable for me are also my experiences with Ayurveda, which help me to strengthen my body awareness and support me to eat even more intuitively.


Food is my great passion and good nutrition is important to me. It brings me besides great pleasure also a lot of energy to be healthy, balanced and efficient. As a working mother, I know the challenges of everyday life and in recent years I have developed helpful strategies to plan and prepare meals in a relaxed and easy way.


From these diverse experiences and my holistic knowledge, I have developed my comprehensive Mindful Eating Coaching. It is holistic, scientifically based, simple and suitable for everyday life. It brings you a lot of joy, pleasure and relaxation.


If you Would like to learn more about my Mindful Eating coaching, contact me for a free initial consultation: MAIL@Martinagewalt.DE





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